Former Haseyama residence

On the other side of the road from Kakuzan lies an old palace of the wealthy farmer’s family, Former Haseyama Residence. The main building has a huge entrance gate for horse riders, and the hallway leads to the lofty structure with three layers.
The massive and splendid structure built to tackle the heavy snow leaves a strong impression to the visitors.
Inside the former storage house is the Kamaitachi Museum of Art, exhibiting works related to the photographer Eikoh Hosoe and the butoh dancer Tatsumi Hijikata.
Every late September, the locals hold the Kamaitachi Art Festival, a small festival celebrating the culture and scenery of Tashiro and the works of Hosoeh and Hijikata, growing to a unique festival enriched by the traditinal scenery with thatched houses and solar-dried rice of Ugo.

You can experience the Nishimonai Bon Dance, the 700-years-old traditional mourning dance of Ugo in this Haseyama Residence (reservation only).